Thinking Of You

Early morning when I get up from my bed
Your thoughts are spinning circles in my head
It’s these thoughts that get me through every day
Even at night they refuse to go away

I’m in class and I steal a look at you
It’s become my favourite silly-thing to do
I know you’ve caught me once or maybe twice
And then your smile has made me feel so nice

After school I go home all on my own
Hoping you’d ask me why I am walking alone
A hundred times I’ve run it in my mind
But no good answer I seem to find

At home I hardly ever seem to talk
Mom and Dad plan to send me to a doc
They worry when there is really nothing to
All I am doing is thinking of you

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12 thoughts on “Thinking Of You

  1. I want to see the Real You. That’s what I want.

    I think I felt connected to you in a way that I haven’t connected to anyone else like that before. and yes you’re like a harmonic magnet for me as well, and I also saw your inner little boy, I care for him as well. But where is that initial connection? It’s becoming lost in all of these public displays and public gossips. I am losing sight of you among all of these. This is not the way I want. Yes, I burst out things, but at least you saw briefly the real me, instead of through lots of layers that you’re making.

    The thing I want is to see the Real You.


  2. What’s your goal? Are you trying to build a public identifier/reflector trials out of these blog posts?

    I am looking at recent posts, and it feels like I can’t see you. Where are You? How do You feel? What do You think?

    p.s. this post is not correct in my case.


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