Stop The Circus

Wake me from this magic
Pull the curtains down
Have you had your pleasure
From my hangin’ frown?
Listen to the madness
Brewing amongst the laughs
Notice the toxic sorrow
Hidden in photographs
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

The storms are your doing
So are the trees and grass
The panda eats the bamboo
The lion eats the ass
All the while they’re running
Going round and round
Rising from the ashes
Then back into the ground
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

It’s getting dark and silent
Just as I had feared
No one ever lasts here
No prayer is ever heard
Walk on walk on walk on
The master rings a bell
We shall never witness
Heaven meet with Hell
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

27 thoughts on “Stop The Circus

  1. Listen to the madness
    Brewing amongst the laughs
    Notice the toxic sorrow

    I wonder why people laugh, when they have sorrow or rage. Why this fakeness is necessary. One’s life is not dependent on other people that they are dancing to every herd wave.

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    1. I wanna tell you about it, for some reason. I was God and everyone kept turning into animals instead of humans. I kept crying to other gods that the humans wouldn’t play with me. The other gods (aliens) said that they’re still part of the human zoo. 😢 I wanna play with the humans, though. 🤣 But they’re pets.

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            1. I’ll write a giraffe, dancing for a laugh, but going home to cry. Don’t forget your neck, stuck in heck 😇, you can still reach heaven.

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  2. I love this. Beautifully spoken and makes me think of so many relationships that should be put on pause or even removed due to the toxicity within them, but too often, those involved keep going back to the circus. Lol. … I have a new motto in life: “That’s not my circus, and those aren’t my monkeys! Have a great day!” 😉😂 Life can be so much more peaceful if we will just make right choices!

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  3. In all your short poems, I feel like I’m riding a rollercoaster of love, loss, anger, frustration, bleakness, beauty, tenderness, laughter, exuberance: all part of the Book of Change we call life. I appreciate what feels like your vulnerability to express it all and share it. This seems particularly Buddhist to me this morning. Thank you.

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