It’s a Trap

Don’t go to work now it’s a trap
Don’t put up with that kind of crap
Why hog and slog just like a dog
When you can sleep well like a log

To all the misters and the ma’ams
Don’t get married now it’s a scam
It’s over-rated and just no good
You’re better off living in the woods

Avoid school at all costs
Run from college no matter what
Go instead to a library my friend
Read and read for hours on end

Now I’ll tell you what’s really wrong
What I’ve been meaning all along
Don’t be born now be really smart
That’s when all the troubles start

8 thoughts on “It’s a Trap

  1. I’m, sadly, right with you on this. I also wanted to thank you. I saw it at a time when I was considering doing something but couldn’t decide if it was ego based, then I saw the title. ❀️🌻 Saved me. πŸ˜‡

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