The Shard

Look around you my friends
Look to your left, look to your right
Do you not see shards everywhere?
Human beings broken from the inside
Very little though shows on the surface
Pain beautifully disguised with smiles
It’s a gift I tell you
And we’re blessed with many more
We are the ones who carry hope in their souls
We are the ones who carry love in our hearts
Some of us even carry all the worries in their pockets
No other animal can claim such dignity
Can a turtle claim to carry affection in his shell?
Can a fox claim to carry anxiety in his tail?
Or can a butterfly claim to carry promise in her wings?
Nah, we are the pinnacle of evolution
We are bestowed with gifts that no bug, bird or beast can even dream of
But these gifts have come at a cost
We pay a heavy price for them
These gifts are so delicate and fragile that they tend to become a burden
Oh what a fine burden it is!
So carefully we must protect our hearts from breaking
Such great lengths we must go to to keep our hopes from fading away
Yet our hearts breaks
Yet our hopes fade away
When the heart breaks, the human breaks
When hope fades away, we feel robbed
We shatter like a piece of glass
Our fragments lie scattered on the floor
What good is a broken glass? Not much
But we, we pick ourselves up and carry on
Look around you carefully
Not one human will find intact
We’re all broken
We’re all shattered
We’re all shards
Smiling, trying rebuilding
Carrying on with what is left
What a magnificent structure a human is!
What a magnificent structure we all are!


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