A Naughty Boy

Son, you’ve been acting really good
From the plate you’ve cleared the food
And your room is mighty clean
Not a stray toy can be seen

You’ve been smiling weird all day
I feel like you’ve got something to say
Did you stain your school clothes
Or did you pinch your sister’s nose?

I haven’t seen you run at all
Or jump or scream or shout or fall
I know I know that something’s wrong
Oh I feel it quite so strong

Come out now son with your tale
I promise you won’t go to jail
Did you break a glass or pot?
Did you, son, or did you not?

Oh what is that now? Let me see
Your teacher wants to again see me?
A bad report card again I guess
Oh boy you are in such a mess

Hand it over to me, will you?
It’s not something I’m not used to
Ah but wait just what is this?
You’ve scored more than your genius sis

In fact you’ve scored more than everyone
You’ve topped the class my dear son
Oh this thing brings me such a joy
To know you’re not such a naughty boy


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