I wandered lonely through a forest
Ignorant that I had been cursed
Aching from a lengthy hunting
Gripped by an intense thirst

There I chanced upon a pool
With water so blue and clear
Rushed I fast with my sore feet
Lest it may disappear

I bent to take the liquid but
My eyes fell upon a being
A soul so uniquely handsome
The first time I was seeing

From the other side of the water
That beauty kept on staring
And I stared back likewise with
An affection we were sharing

My ache and hunger vanished
Captivated by that face
I lost track of time and self
Surrounded by its grace

I moved closer to that gem
I smiled and it smiled back
My heart skipped a-many beats
I loved and it loved back

I stretched my hand for I could
No longer stand being apart
Yet all I felt were ripples
Discharged by a broken heart

My soul crushed my heart sank
We sat there downcast
My first feelings of affection
Would also be my last

We stayed and we yearned
So close and yet so far
I promised to never leave
Till the sky is full of stars

‘Tis there that I made my home
Longing with all love’s power
Just the sight and an echo
Endowed this golden flower

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