I Sit Down With My Heart

I sit down with my heart to write a poem for you
There’s a desk and two chairs and plenty of blank pages
I stare at the keys of the laptop and I freeze
Anxiety and Fear are uninvited guests
They don’t have chairs so they dance around
Sometimes they jump on the desk
And sometimes they jump over my head
It’s an all-too-familiar sight
That is why I have my heart with me today
To drive those things away
And maybe crash them into a sturdy tree
Or even into a building perhaps
My fingers tap the surface and my heart sees it
I need a pat on my back just for sitting there
My heart duly does so
With its hand on my shoulder I begin to type
It is not the greatest first-line
But it will do
Since Anxiety and Fear have vanished
They couldn’t stand my heart
They wanted me all for themselves
I turn to my heart and smile
And then I continue typing a poem for you


2 thoughts on “I Sit Down With My Heart

  1. And I receive it with my heart who knows all poets need a helping hand to bring the words forth and thrift to land on deserted beaches of paper, pages waiting to merit the ink
    Please, God, help our rhyming timing to materialize while we think.

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