Those Who Forget How To Love

Those who forget how to love
Can never remember how to live
Life is very little else
Than the beating of one’s heart
To the soulful melody of romance

Those who forget how to love
Also forget the meaning of life
Forget the joys and pleasures
That true companionship can provide
Life is not meant to be lived alone
Like an island lost at sea
Life’s drink is to be shared
That it may taste sweeter

Do not listen to doubts or negativity
Many a lives have been lost to them
What good could be achieved
By suppressing your emotions?
When you suppress your innermost feelings
You are really choking yourself
To become someone you are not supposed to be

Be brave be fearless
Let not any hindrance upset you
Let not any obstacle frighten you
Give wings to your hopes
Sail across the vast open blue sky
The sky is yours to conquer
Fly fly away
Love like a lover
Ache like a lover
Live like a lover
And forget those who forget how to love

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