Wrapped Up In Sadness

I meant to send you a poem
Carved out of my heart
But I’m a little scared
I don’t want to let you down
My heart isn’t the best
Never has been
Trapped in a self-made jail
Staring out the only window
Envious at the clouds
That are not afraid to fall
It wraps itself in sadness

If I could grab the wheels of time
Turn it back around
I would go back to that moment
When I let my fears take over
When I let my heart sink
Tell my heart it’s alright
All wounds heal someday
All scars fade away
I thought that I was strong
I was so wrong
Now I fail to open the lock
To my heart’s freedom as
It wraps itself in sadness

When there was no one to talk to
Sadness came and sat
We thought we found a friend
Now I’m not so sure
Now I’m not too wise
Now I can’t feel
It’s like a happy part of me
Has been shed
I wished to tell you sooner
But again I was scared
I was lonely
I was wrapped up in sadness

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