You’ll Find Magic Everywhere

Open your eyes if you care
You’ll find magic everywhere
Magic in the trees that grow
Magic in the falling snow
Magic in the gentle breeze
Magic in the stinging bees
Magic in a baby’s laugh
In a yellow tall giraffe
Magic in the morning light
In the darkness of the night
Magic in a friend we trust
In a bookshelf full of dust
Magic in the texts you send
In a free-from-work weekend
Magic in the drops of rain
In the chugging of a train
Magic in the bed you lay
Magic in the songs you play
Magic in the clouds above
Magic in the thing called love
If you see these things as plain
You must surely be insane

6 thoughts on “You’ll Find Magic Everywhere

  1. I love how you used ‘care’ instead of the typical ‘dare’. Sets a whole different tone to the piece! And if seeing magic and miracles everywhere is insanity….who would ever want to be sane? Well done, Frank! 💞💞💞

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