Do Different Hearts Ache Differently?

Do different hearts ache differently?
My heart aches! Oh boy it aches!
Like a poke of a hundred pins
Like a skin pierced by a lion’s claw
Like a stab from a sharp dagger
It aches! Yes it aches in many ways!
Like landing on your head from a fall
Like dislocating your knee
Like being crushed by a heavy stone
Yes it aches like that
Does your heart ache like mine?
Does it even ache?
Does it ache all the time?
How does your heart ache?

4 thoughts on “Do Different Hearts Ache Differently?

  1. Ache?
    Nah, I carved it out long ago. In its place I settled a hunk of coal. I suppose someday I’d hoped she might come along and kindle a spark. That would be nice, I thought, an orange glowing ember in the center of my chest. A chest that used to ache, but now only chills silent and dark.

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