The Ghost Of Annie Plait

Deep within this gloomy forest
Where no local or a tourist
Has dared to step or penetrate
Lives a ghost of Annie Plait

Hard to tell if it’s a rumour
That she was born with a tumour
It was her parents’ best belief
To kill her would be a great relief

When the day turned dark and mellow
They smothered her with a pillow
Not once did her parents hesitate
To kill the newborn Annie Plait

No remorse, no heart to mourn her
In this woods they found a corner
Dropped her corpse in a grave unclean
Then dashed back to their day routine

Every night the moon be seen
Cries are heard from deep within
Some claim they saw her levitate
The ghost of hapless Annie Plait

The moon is up and full and glistening
Quiet now! The winds are listening
Though some fools love adventure
Be careful now how far you venture

Tread with care and extreme caution
The night is mixed with dreary portion
Your courage is, you’ll find, inadequate
When you see the ghost of Annie Plait


5 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Annie Plait

  1. Excellent piece, Frank. Brought to mind a young couple I knew in the nineties who had a baby and when she was a couple weeks old, I didn’t see the baby anymore. I asked them what happened to the baby and they looked at each other and said, “Sacrifices need to be made.” I’ve always wondered what really happened to that baby.

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