Fragments Of The Universe

There’s a certain joy in being broken
In facing anguish and pain
When the heart triggers the deepest emotions
Hidden beneath layers and layers of dust
That’s when I know I am alive
That’s when I know I can feel
That’s when I know I am not dead
That I am still breathing
That I am still learning
That I am a human
Not a stone or a grain of sand
That I am not merely a body
But a complex energy
Wrapped in flesh and blood and bones
A star unlike any other
A part of the universe
Where my pain is not merely my pain
It is the pain of the universe
Where my fragments are not just my fragments
But fragments of the universe

9 thoughts on “Fragments Of The Universe

  1. Being broken open attracts piece gatherers and gluers. Folks help when you are vulnerable, but helpful folks sometimes are hard to find. Hard especially in a world designed to reward taking advantage of others. 💖

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