If I Die Before I Meet You Again

On my way to meeting you
I may be greeted by Death
Perhaps in a plane crash
Perhaps in a road accident
Perhaps something more comical
Like falling in a sinkhole
After slipping on a banana peel
And I may never get to see you again
Well at least not my body
But my spirit shall rise from that prison
Continue marching towards you
With the wind by my side
Determination in my soul
No matter what direction I may take
There is only one destination
I shall end up there
To meet you

Fret not, my darling
I may seem like a ghost
Yet I shall not be a frightful ghost
You shall have no cause for fear
You will see me and know
That it is the same man that you love
I shall watch over you
Hovering as you sleep
Protecting you from all harm
Until I cannot
And when Death comes to greet you too
I will be there
To carry your soul in my arms
To our new home
Where we shall reside and dance
Until we cannot

10 thoughts on “If I Die Before I Meet You Again

  1. In that dance
    we shall unite
    With ghosts of our past
    That come to bless you
    Pouring heavenly bliss
    Surpassing all evil and ill
    If I die before I meet you
    And then In absence I shall meet you….

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