We’ll Go To The Mountains

When I go, come with me
We’ll go to the mountains
Don’t bring your things, keep them here
You have me and I have you
What else could we need?
We’ll fill our lungs with the purest air
Our hearts will be filled with love
Fill my hand with your hand
We’ll never be incomplete
Stretch your arms out, hug the sky
Absorb the glittering view
So many things to look forward to
A lifetime is not enough
When I go, come with me
We’ll go to the mountains

11 thoughts on “We’ll Go To The Mountains

  1. Dear Frank, that’s pure lovely. My mother had a thing for Lesotho’s mountains and the last story I shared with her was telling her she was going to the blue mountains on a white horse with bells on his feet… This brought all that back for me. I am glad you have someone to take with you, to the mountains. Blessings.

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