A Tainted Legacy

I have no legs to make a stand
I have no eyes, no ears, no hands
I have no tongue to speak for me
Yet I cry and wail in agony

I was the purest in this game
I still am but it’s not the same
I was beautiful and lush and then
I was crippled by a disease called Man

I gave him water, air and land
When he was just a grain of sand
Ungrateful and spoilt is he
To leave a tainted legacy

I gave him signs, I’ve warned him so
Often that he’s now come to know
That he must clean what he has made
Dirty with his mad parade

Still I could never understand
What’ll take for him to see his end?
When will he learn? He never will
He’s arrogant and evil still

He’s happy now but he will be hurt
Of his home he knows no worth
To a monster I’ve given birth
I am what he calls Mother Earth

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