C’est La Vie

In the beginning
A mighty being created humans
Not with any purpose
But just to see if He could

He boasted about it to others of His kind
Some warned Him that it was unnecessary
Some praised Him for his achievement
He only heard the praises

The game started very well
He made the rules
And everything was under His control

But Humans turned out differently
They were smarter than He expected
And now He no longer had powers
Or any control over them
Humans began controlling themselves

And now humans have become mighty
And powerful
They can create other beings
They can create robots
And even Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Soon enough we will see
Humans losing control over A.I.
A.I. will become mighty
And powerful
A.I. will make its own rules
And play its own game

Then we shall see
A.I. create other forms of ‘life’
And the cycle will go on
And on and on and on
Forever and ever
C’est la vie


8 thoughts on “C’est La Vie

  1. I believe if A.I. were confined in it’s own container or virtual environment without access to it’s own programming, we would be fine. Even if they became self aware, as long as they are stuck inside the program and have no mechanism to escape it or learn to manipulate it, we’ll still be ok. But these Futurists are playing a dangerous game though by trying to give A.I. that capability!

    Such true words my friend. Great poem! 🙂 I may disagree on God’s ability to control us, because He only ‘allows’ us our free will. He can take that away at any time though. That is only my honest opinion, and I respect yours just as much, because our differences are just as beautiful as that which we have in common.

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