Sadness Is Your Shadow

Sadness is your shadow
Waiting for a little spark
To rear its ugly head
And follow you everywhere
It engulfs you
It never leaves your side
How futile your means to escape!

You are the light
The light from which it is born
Nothing may be faster than light
But it isn’t any slower

Let it do its things
It can only do so much
Wherever there is light
There will be a shadow
Sadness is inferior to you
It is a mere reflection
You are the supreme being
Keep shining!

3 thoughts on “Sadness Is Your Shadow

  1. This little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine! You do that, too, Frank, and give others reason to follow suit. Thank you! ❤ I love this poem. Gotta read it again… and smile some more!

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