Sara – Part 12/13

“It doesn’t feel safe over here. Can you park me over there?” Tangy (Sara’s bicycle) said pointing to a lonely spot in the distance.

“That far?” Sara was bewildered. “In fact that is a spot where you would most likely get stolen. You are safer here.”

“Can I get what I want?” Tangy replied firmly. “You and Rose always get to do whatever you want while I always miss out on the fun. Can you at least listen to me once?”

Rose (Sara’s flower) tried to warn her but Sara was in no mood to argue. She placed Rose in the pannier and climbed the bicycle to park it in the distance. No sooner had she done so than Tangy turned towards the store’s entrance door and said, “Sara, you have been anxious and worried too much and for far too long. You have stopped enjoying life and you have not let me enjoy either. Now we will end this. Prepare for fun.”

“No, no, no” screamed Sara but it was too late. Tangy had already started his mission. “What is wrong with you? Where are we going?”

“No questions. Just enjoy.” Tangy laughed.

And Tangy, with Rose in the pannier and Sara mounted on top, burst through the store’s entrance. The security personnel ran after Sara to catch her and get her to stop. What they didn’t know is that poor Sara wanted to do the same thing. She too wanted the bicycle to stop but Tangy was possessed. Tangy wanted his adventure.

Tangy drove through all the aisles of the store and crashed into several things as the guards helplessly chased after Sara. “Are you having fun?” Tangy asked as he picked up more pace.

“I can’t hear you.” Sara cried with the wind brushing wildly against her face. “What speed are we going at?”

Tangy laughed. Rose shook his head. Sara was busy apologising to all the other customers in the store as she drove past them at full speed.

“Stop, stop!” Sara screamed. “Please stop now!”

“You really want to stop? Aren’t you having fun?” Tangy said, hardly able to contain the fun he was having.

“Yes. Please stop.” Sara pleaded.

“As you wish, my lord.” And Tangy crashed into a rack full of cornflakes boxes as their exhilarating  ride came to an end. At that moment, as they were about to crash into the rack, Sara felt free and happy. She had no idea why.

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