Sara – Part 4/13

Sara sat on a bench of a nearby park and flipped the yellow rose in her hand. Tangy, her bicycle, was parked next to the bench. It was a sunny morning sullied by the enforcement of another lockdown to combat the surge in covid cases. Schools had swiftly moved their classes online and Sara’s mind had plenty of time to torture itself.

“What do you say, Rose?” Sara asked as she continued flipping the flower. “What do you think I should do?”

She continued talking, “Kai hasn’t called me once since he started talking with Amy. Why is he doing this? Am I not his friend anymore? Why is he not asking me to do his homework? You must know Kai better than anyone. You were in his garden, weren’t you? Tell me what should I do. I have messaged him a couple of times but he hasn’t replied. Why is he acting like this? Did I do something wrong?

She turned to Tangy, “Have you any solution?”

She placed Rose back in the pannier and gave a long sigh. “Why does nobody talk to me?”

She looked up at the clouds and cursed loudly, “Nobody talks to me. I feel so lonely. Why did you have to bring this corona at this time. Everything is ruined. It’s all your fault. I cannot even concentrate on anything. Mom and Dad have been getting anxious too with my behaviour. What do I tell them? Answer me! Oh even you don’t want to talk with me. Fine! Have it your way! Am I asking for too much? Am I?”

Am I
Am I

The words rang thunderously in her head

Am I

Poor Sara! Her heart went thump, thump, thump!

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