The Day My Zip Came Off

I was at school sitting still
When suddenly I felt a chill
I looked down and gave a cough
Yes my zip had come off

Very subtly I gave a try
To fix this damned and awful fly
Alas it was but in vain
I vowed to never stand up again

It was then that I heard a call
Of our Maths teacher — Ms. Bichenall
She wanted me to look less bored
And solve the problem on the board

I felt some drops of sweat appear
As the outcome became more clear
Not exactly sure what I was thinking
I began to act like I was drinking

Jumped up and went straight for the door
With a book hiding my core
My senses must have gone to roam
I hopped the gate and dashed to home

This is not bad as it is
I only must see a psychiatrist
To avoid embarrassment to my name
I’m now treated as insane


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