A Frog With A Giant Nose

There is a frog with a very big nose
He has no friends but a thousand foes
Every secret he would disclose
Not a word he holds too close

He also has quite massive eyes
Seemingly from all the lies
That he spoke about white mice
Yet he thinks that he is wise

What do I say about his ears?
They have been growing for some years
For causing koalas to shed tears
And making rabbits grow new fears

And that is not all that is odd
For a tongue he’s got a rod
And a head that just can’t nod
Oh what a bod! My dear God!

Only the clever piggy knows
The cure for froggy’s giant nose
How he could fit in his clothes
From his head to his toes
Since the frog was never nice
The piggy won’t give his advice
To cure his tongue, his ears, his eyes
Till he won’t stop acting wise


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