Big Bounce – Part 2

It was a sunny Friday morning as it always is. Arya was busy preparing breakfast for herself and Sameer before they rushed off to their workplaces.

An agitated Sameer pleaded, “Arya dear, can I skip today’s breakfast?”

“No,” Arya replied curtly.

Sameer wasn’t going to give in without a fight, “Arya, I am getting late. It’s okay if I skip breakfast once. Nothing’s going to happen to me. See how healthy I am. Can you see my biceps? Can you?”

Arya, too, was always up for a fight, “Those biceps exist because I insist on you having breakfast daily.”

Sameer threw a counter-punch, “Yes, I know. That is why I am saying skipping breakfast once is not going to hurt me.”

Arya knew how to dodge any attack, “You are not making any sense, Sameer.”

Sameer grew increasingly helpless, “I am going to miss my bus today.”

Arya could smell victory now, “Take a cab, but don’t miss your breakfast.”

They sat down for breakfast eventually. End of Round I

Sameer sprinted towards the finish line while Arya was still slowly savouring the dishes she had prepared. It wasn’t long before Sameer got up in a hurry and turned around to leave. “I better be going now.”

Round II was itching to get started.

“Not yet, Mister. Your glass of milk is still waiting,” spoke Arya without even looking at him.

Sameer could sense danger lurking around. Instead of having a futile argument with Arya again, he thought it would be much faster instead to empty that glass of milk as quickly as possible. He turned around to grab it but ended up dropping the glass on the floor.

Arya gave him a death stare, “Great. You’ve done it again.”

“Oh no! I am sorry, Arya. I would have cleaned it up but I am in such a hurry. You understand, right?”

“Yes, yes, I understand. You go and catch your bus now. And don’t be in a hurry or you’ll get yourself hurt.”

“Oh thank you so much. I thought I’d see a fuming Arya but you reacted like an angel. That is why I love you so much.”

“Enough now. Go now and take care. And remember…”

“Remember what?”

“Two things. First – come home early tonight. We’ll have something special for dinner. Second – I love you too.”

“Oh yes I will. I hope today isn’t a long day, Arya. I really hope so.”

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