Hide And Seek – Part 11/13

“A hole in my heart? Impossible. I am certain that you drove him away. He feared you. He warned me not to let you in but I didn’t listen to him. Now he’s gone. I don’t think he will ever come back. I’ve lost a friend. And what have I gained? Nothing. Just a moment of brightness, a flicker of light, a temporary taste of paradise. This is not what I want. I want my friend back. Bring him back to me. I want to play Hide and Seek with him.”

“I’ll bring him back, but before that let us play hide and seek. I will bring him back only if you are able to catch me. Fair enough?”

“What if I am not able to catch you? What more will you take away from me?”

“Then you’d be left with neither me nor Darkness. Are you willing to play this game with me? Or are you afraid, just like your friend?”

“Play, I will.”

“Very well then. Close your eyes and hold my hand.”

“Hold your hand? You are supposed to hide while I count till ten. Have you not played this game before?”

Without further warning, she took his hand in hers and headed straight for his heart, passing through his skin, blood and bones

3 thoughts on “Hide And Seek – Part 11/13

  1. I remember doing this thing with webcomics, where I’d wait until enough of them had been posted so I could read more of them at once. Reading these now kind of felt like that, though now I have to wait just like the rest.

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