Hide And Seek – Part 7/13

The boy stood half a step away from the window
Half afraid, half excited
Half regretful, half hopeful

A few minutes passed
But he could not decide what to do
He was so eager to see Light again
Feel her brightness again
But something was holding him back
He had always been loyal to his friend
This would tantamount to his first act of defiance
Would he be seen as a disloyal friend?
Would their friendship ever remain the same?
What if Light doesn’t come back?
He would have lost both of them then
He pondered more

A few more minutes passed

He asked his heart
And, in an instant,
It was clear to him
As if his mind was always made up
He opened up the window
To let Light in

But no Light flew in
Darkness was relieved
The boy was disappointed

Before Darkness could come out
And dance about
He shut him in his pocket
And closed his eyes
And tried to picture her
Her face — he was too blinded to see it
Her voice — yes, he remembered that
It was the only thing of hers left with him

In front of him
For the first time
Was an open window
Displaying all the beauties of the world
Yet he stood there
With his eyes closed
Trying to picture something more beautiful

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