You Love Me In The Morning

You love me in the morning

When all is fresh and new

Every passing moment seems brighter

For the sky is turning blue

You will love me in the noon

When bees hover over flowers

Nature will be at her finest

The sun will be in his powers

But will you love me in the eve

When flowers drop their heads

Cold winds begin to blow

Over the frail and the dead?

And will you love me in the night

When darkness encompasses you

When it is difficult to see

Even a love that is true?

28 thoughts on “You Love Me In The Morning

  1. There’s an old song some secondgrade teacher taught my daughter. It starts with: I love you in the morning, and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon. Oh, skiddamarink-adinky-dink, skiddamarink-a-doo…

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  2. I left a comment and it’s not here, so I left a second one. It’s not here either. Occurred to me you’re monitoring them before they appear. If that’s the case, take your pick!!


  3. You bet! If I can love you in the morning
    When our hair’s a mess and eyes are dim,
    I can love you in the nighttime
    When the shadows close us in!

    Great poem, Frank. You’re such a romantic!


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