Aesop’s Fables: The Fox And The Crow

Once a crow, without a creak

Sat with fine cheese in his beak

On a stout branch of a tree

As happy as he could be

A clever fox was passing by

Worked his wits for he was sly

Thus he spoke, “O’ noble bird

For your charms I have no word

If only your voice was sweet

Your beauty would be complete.”

At this, the crow gave a caw

And the cheese fell in his paw

Off the fox went running by

“You have no voice nor wits to ply.”

6 thoughts on “Aesop’s Fables: The Fox And The Crow

  1. No compliment, need be, if it means it will satisfy another’s hungry need.
    I bow out from this fight. Doesn’t make me naive or dumb….it’s a matter of preference as all for one…..I never wanted to be that number one.

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  2. Having trouble frank with the email . Can’t access the blog to comment maybe a widget needs refining. Love your blog
    Via [X]

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