Aesop’s Fables: The Hare And The Tortoise

There once lived a boastful hare
Who thought to brag was his affair
For in the jungle none were there
Faster than the boastful hare
Tired of his braggy face
A tortoise called him to a place
And dared the hare to a race
If he was gritty just in case
The boastful hare ever so proud
Took the dare and laughed out loud
To beat the tortoise he envowed
When all the animals came as crowd
Now the time and the place was set
The skies were clear and land unwet
To decide the winner of this bet
To decide who was the fastest yet
The hare began with his best
While the tortoise failed to keep abreast
Thinking he had won this contest
Under a tree he sat down to rest
The tortoise moved along just fine
Perseverance with steadiness he did combine
While the hare thought, ‘The race was mine’
The tortoise crossed the finish line
All the animals gave a loud cheer
And the loud cheer reached his ear
That the hare woke up with a sneer
And the lesson to him was clear
Sloth, indolence can ruin your ways
If you let idleness run your days
Race is not to the swiftest pace
Slow and steady wins the race

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