Aesop’s Fables: The Fisherman Piping

A fisherman skilled in heavenly tunes
Played his flute in the afternoons
When all the kids came back from school
To see them dance just like a fool
One day he took his flute to the shore
To see if the fishes will adore
The way he played his heavenly tunes
Just like the kids in the afternoons
So he sat on a rock and began to play
Hoping the fishes would swing and sway
Out of the sea straight into his net
So that he wouldn’t have to break a sweat
Now all day he piped his flute in vain
But not a fish he got for his pain
So at last he cast into the sea
His robust net lying idle and free
And caught an excellent haul of fish
More than what any man could wish
“O’ you corrupt creatures,” he said
“When I played my flute you almost acted dead
Now that I cast my net in the sea
You find your spark and dance merrily”

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