What Should I Call This Love?

What should I call this love, girl?

Innocent or pure?

Should I call it heavenly?

I am quite unsure

Should I term it honest?

Should I term it true?

Should I call it unknown?

Oh just tell me what to do

Should I name it profound?

Should I name it free?

Are there more adjectives

That haven’t come to me?

Do I really need to name it?

Does it matter still?

Whatever our love may be

I know, girl, how it feels

Though I can’t describe it

I know just how it feels

24 thoughts on “What Should I Call This Love?

    1. πŸ™‚ Jesus is also described as the Lion and the Lamb, the Living One, whom has always been. King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Word of God. You name it 🦁⚑️

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