Math vs. Poems

I am writing poems

When I should be doing math

But should I be doing math

When I can write poems?

30 thoughts on “Math vs. Poems

  1. I think our brains have the capability of doing both mechanical, analytical and aesthetical actions 💛 so you must pursue both! Poems will keep you sane and math will keep your brain sharp!!!

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  2. Well Frank,

    Why don’t you write the poems and then do the maths. If that is one of your passions.
    We are all born with different ways of expressing ourselves, I know a young and bright
    guy who sees pictures in maths and is a fantastic musician.

    You write wonderful poems


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    1. Heresy! I mean… here, I say! I concur! Therefore use any sigellium to scrive your work. Numerals, ligatures, symbolic gestures. Stretch our your fingers for your hands need to keep limber.

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