It isn’t hard to tell
You may know it very well
This place that we live in is Hell

The signs are all clear
We’re surrounded by our fears
The end is afar but seems so near

You are on your own
And I am left alone
Everyone’s relatively unknown

The storm’s blowing wild
On a mother and her child
While I saw a demon as he smiled

Minutes feel like days
This body burns in ways
Can put to shame the darkest blaze

You can tell it by the smell
This place where we dwell
Yes this place that we live in is Hell

21 thoughts on “Hell

  1. Well, according to me, the world is a nicest place. It is totally up to you, how you wan to live. Yes, there are two extremes of it; right and wrong, good and bad, or joy and sorrow. There is nothing in-between, no neutral, or being bias. You know the very famous saying, “the good you do, comes back to you and the evil you do, shall remain with you”. The saying is the best fit to this world.

    “The world is VERY nice
    At times, it may surprise
    With the people you meet
    Good – bad, Fool – wise

    It’s the only people; and company
    That make your world the nicest place
    Keep your surrounding and company good
    In this way, the toxicity will have no place”


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  2. The smell of death does surround us all around, if only we stopped to take it all in. But amidst the death, there is another smell too. The smell of life… the smell that provides us hope to pursue the quest for more. Lovely poem, Frank… 🙂

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