The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 9/13

“Mother, I am sorry,” spoke the little bird
As she continued to struggle with her words
Her body was aching, weaker than before
She knew that now she couldn’t hold out anymore
“It must break your heart to see me disobey
Yet it’s not because I love you less today
I love you as much today as I loved you before
And I’ll always love you, of that you can be sure
Though my loving hours now are few and far between
I know that for a fact for Death just I have seen
Like all the birds out there who fly away and sing
I will do the same tonight but on deathly wings
And on those very wings, I will feel the sky
Laugh it off when they call me ‘The bird who refused to fly’

10 thoughts on “The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 9/13

  1. The only discrepancy lies in if the bird truly can fly and is simply limited by the classic fear and doubt, Or if she truly cannot and the other birds are inclined to believe that the flightless bird is weak or unwilling, simply because of programmed optimism. This story is a very good analogy, albeit A difficult one to re-stomach because I personally know a number of people who Truly are disabled or impaired in such a way that flying becomes a rather subjective thing. We all have Dreams and desires for our lives. And I have seen many of those broken, as many as I have seen fulfilled; But honestly here, I feel that you are writing my life story ha ha.

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