The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 1/13

Tell me little birdie, have you no wings to fly?
Don’t you want to feel the air as you touch the sky?
Have you lost your faith and strength in the glowing sun?
Are the winds compelling you to relinquish your fun?
Keep it little birdie
Keep a brave face
You may fall once or twice
But that is no disgrace
Keep your head up high
If you ever fall
You then would have tried
That would just be all
You would rise up again
Just as you did before
Spread your wings, little birdie
You’re not a child anymore

37 thoughts on “The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 1/13

  1. Your little birdy lost her wings as her so beloved brother was falling out of the nest. The wind was whispering he tried to fly. Guess why she is feeling so much fear. She lost all – even her soul he took away as he was gone. And only her own heartbeat seems to reminds her of being alive. What a poor thing. Hopefully it’s just a fairy tale.

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  2. was this an inspiration from my post “Icarus”? if yes, i’m honored, if not i’m still happy that i got to read this heart-felt poem. kinda inspirational and absolutely felt determined to complete my assignments. keep up the great work!!

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