A Poem From 2084

The world is getting hotter and
The sun burns with a rage
My dad claims it’s a punishment
To live in this day and age

I suffer my ancestors’ past
Who left this world a mess
Waved red flags but reveled
Momentarily nevertheless

They wore face-masks I am told
For a brief period or so
Found it highly inconvenient
To inhale or to blow

I wonder how those folks would have
Survived in this atrocity
When we dare not step outside
Without a full-body PPE

Well I guess what’s done is done
Who is and is not to blame
Now that no new child is born
We’ll be the last to play this game

Shoutout to my friend, Tony T (@sonofgod) for his generous support for my writing. Do check out his blog (tltatemakeover.com).

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10 thoughts on “A Poem From 2084

  1. You dad was right. Bob Dylan was right: It getting dark, but it’s not dark yet. Revelation is the story of our future. It’s not good. All one is asked to do in this time is to endure in our faith until the end, and another little thing, be prepared to die for that faith. Dying is almost certain. God be with us.

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  2. Reblogged this on Suchness1 and commented:
    Thank you Frank.

    A poke to those of us still not awake to the reality we are leaving our children and their children.

    It’s not the politicians who will determine the end. It is us. You and I. Each of us are jointly and severally responsible. Our actions, each and every one, each and every day; there’s what will determine the fate awaiting our children.

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