When The Sun Rose Above Me

I was deep in sorrow
When the sun rose above me
Spread her hands out to love me
There will be a tomorrow
Brighter than all the lights glow
Wipe your darkness and shadows

Now don’t be discouraged
Let my light be your guidance
When you walk any distance
In pain
Show some steel and some courage
Spread your wings a little higher
Never blow out your heart’s fire

All the cracks in my body
Filled up with a madness
I forgot all my sadness
All be gone
Now I wake every morning
With a fire in my veins
Through the aches and the sprains
I carry on

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8 thoughts on “When The Sun Rose Above Me

            1. I very much like to talk to this Felix guy, but I can’t. Now I found your poems that somehow match emotions happening in my life, now I am talking to you instead I guess 😅

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