Raconteurs #13

Daughter: Dad, Dad, I built a robot today.

Dad: Wow! Did you really? Where did you learn it?

Daughter: I learnt it by myself. It wasn’t that difficult.

Dad: I am so impressed. I did not know you to be such a genius. Can I see the robot?

Daughter: Dad, I present to you U-Man. Just an H away from being a human

Dad: Wow. It looks impressive. What does it do?

Daughter: It can do a lot of things. It can talk, move around, sing songs and the best part is that it can even assemble other robots like itself.

Dad: I do not believe you! Are you serious? Let me see it talk.

U-Man: Pam is intelligent. Pam is beautiful.

Dad: Brilliant. Let me hear it sing a song.

Daughter: It will now walk around the house and sing a song.

U-Man: Pam is intelligent. Pam is beautiful
Pam is a genius. Pam is so cool
Pam is amazing in so many ways
Pam is my master. I’ll do what she says

Dad: This is exceptional. Show me more.

Daughter: Oh it has an ability to learn as well.

Dad: Artificial intelligence?

Daughter: Exactly. It can construct other robots like itself. Soon enough there will be an army of robots singing this song and following me around

Dad: Oh no, Pam! That is so wrong. You built a brilliant robot and you could have done so much more with it.

Daughter: I like it this way.

Dad: No, my little girl. You do not understand. It makes you seem very arrogant and self-centered.

Pam: Don’t you want to see it assemble other robots?

Dad: If it makes more robots like itself then I am not interested in seeing it. You are a genius but you are also egoistic.

Pam: But Dad if Okto expects us to create more of our kinds only to sing his songs then why can’t I expect the same from my creations?

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