Raconteurs #6

Dad: Here it is. This is the Okto shrine built in honour of …

Daughter: Okto.

Dad: That’s right. Now take off your sneakers and I’ll guide you through every statue and painting.

Daughter: Why do I need to take my sneakers off?

Dad: See, even I have taken mine off.

Daughter: But why?

Dad: My little girl, it is a tradition. It is insulting to enter the shrine wearing any footwear.

Daughter: But why?

Dad: Because footwears are dirty. We should be barefoot in order to connect deeply with Okto.

Daughter: But my friends don’t remove their shoes when they go to a shrine. They don’t even worship Okto.

Dad: Everyone has their own faith and God. And each has its own customs.

Daughter: So are there other holy figures besides Okto?

Dad: Yes there are.

Daughter: So Okto has no jurisdiction over them?

Dad: Okto has jurisdiction over everyone.

Daughter: Then wouldn’t Okto be mad seeing people worshipping other deities?

Dad: That’s not how it works. It’s a little complicated. You’re too young to understand it.

Daughter: Will my friends go to a different heaven when they die?

Dad: Oh let us not go that far. You will figure out everything when you grow up.

Daughter: At what age did you figure out everything, Dad?

Dad: I… um…

Daughter: Have you figured it out yet?

(Silence; a long silence)

Dad: Let’s go inside and I’ll explain everything.

(To be continued)


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