Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 2/5

Twenty seven years ago, on this day
They found me in a garbage bin
Half chewed by dogs
With neither clothes nor kin

They say I barely survived
Had to battle through the pain
The wounds healed eventually
But the scars still remain

They say God has sent us here for a reason
And if you’re breathing, there’s still work to do
I don’t know why He kept me alive in the first place
My unfinished mission, I hand over to you

Wouldn’t it have been easier
If He had just let me be chewed off?
If I had died twenty seven years ago
Wouldn’t the world be better off?

I fail to understand the reason behind all this
Did He really want to see me suffer all these years?
What pleasure could He be seeking
In helping me shed my tears?

I fail to understand the reason behind all this
Behind The Almighty and His mighty ways
It won’t be long before I meet Him
I’ve been counting the days

So many questions fluttering in my head
I seek all the answers tonight
Darkness has engulfed me like a nightmare
But I will find the light

Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 1/5

Let me ask you one question. When did you open your eyes?
Just how old were you, when you can tell the difference between truth and lies?
You say you’re too young? I’m not asking you to be sagely wise
You say you’re too old? Can you hear your heart when it cries?

Well, that’s enough about you. Let me tell you my tale
I’ll pour my heart out in words before they crucify me with a nail
For it is words that have saved me from drowning. On them, I’ll have my last sail
Poetry is nothing but prose that rhymes and I’ll use it for my final wail

Where’s my mother? I don’t know. Where’s my father? I don’t care
What good is a brother or a sister when life has been so unfair?
I clutched hard at the few dreams I had but they vanished in thin air
Loneliness and depression have been my loyal companions. They follow me everywhere

There was a girl I knew, more beautiful than God could ever make
Like a fool I loved her, loved her more than she could take
I asked and begged for a second chance but my love she did forsake
Never trusted a girl again enough to let my heart break

I guess that was the turning point. She had dealt me a severe blow
After all the highs she had made me reach, I had fell to the lowest low
I knew it would take time to heal but I never thought it would be so slow
She buried my wings underneath. I’m still digging for them in the ground below

The old demons seemed so pale, now that new demons had been born
Fury had reached new heights, now that the battle lines had been drawn
In a life full of tragedies, this had been the most bitter scorn
What a remarkable book my life can be, but all the pages have been torn

So I sit down to recollect my memories and put them on this page
For all the bitter lessons that life has taught me at so young an age
Take no offence of my fiery words. I’m burning inside with rage
The bird will sing his own song tonight and free himself from this cage

There’s A Little Girl Outside

There’s a little girl outside
She’s probably lost
She wants to go home
At any cost
It’s getting darker by the minute
She’s about to cry
She’s calling for her mother
She doesn’t want to die

There’s a wild beast outside
Starving for days
People have been cruel to him
Or so he says
Night is his only loyal friend
Looking for a prey
In daylight, he wears a coat
Of sheepish grey

There’s a God above in the skies
Watching things unfold
All religions have shut their eyes
In layers of gold
Not a single sign of Him
As a devil is reborn
Innocence cries out in vain
And He just watches on

Stand Up

Kick me, prick me, trick me
Do all the sick things in your head
Attack, stab or jab me
Or just hunt me down instead
Shoot me and gun me down too
Until my blood mixes with the rain
Do whatever you want to do
But I’m going to stand up again

Strangle me, manhandle me
Ban my work for all I care
End, bend and offend me
Treat me unjust and unfair
Lock, block and mock me too
Let all my efforts be in vain
Do whatever you wish to do
But I’m going to stand up again

Beat me, cheat me, defeat me
Judge me with your worst
Jail, tail, fail or nail me
Blow me up and watch me burst
Chain me up and whip me too
Till I cry out in pain
Do whatever you have to do
But I’m going to stand up again

I Found Love

I found love
I left it behind. I wanted freedom
I found freedom
I left it behind. I wanted happiness
I found happiness
I left it behind. I wanted bliss
I found bliss
I left it behind. I wanted heaven
I found heaven
I left it behind. I wanted God
I found God. He asked me what I wanted
I asked for love
He pointed in the direction where I came from
I could see a young man in the distance
God said, “He has all the love you need.”
“Can I meet him?”, I asked
“Yes,” replied God. “But you’ve left him far behind.”

Here He Comes Again

Let it be known far and wide
To all men and women in town
He has finally come to decide
Who’s to go up and who’s to stay down

Put all your little children to sleep
This is not the time for them to bother
Take out all the secrets you keep
With your lawyer and your mother

Hush! Not a word to speak
He longs to taste your breath
Surrender yourself if you’re too meek
For He rides on a horse named Death

The day has turned to night so soon
And the sky is no longer blue
The stars have come out with the moon
To watch all that He can do

The wise men stare in silence
They know that their end is near
The fools fear violence
When it’s the dark that they should fear

The gloomy weather has set the stage
Amidst the pouring rain
You were a fool to invite His rage
For here He comes again

May God Be With You 2

A long, long time ago
If I can remember what I’ve been told
Your face would shine
Your presence was divine
And everything you touched turned to gold

And now here you are
Your body is frail, aching and cold
Your face doesn’t shine
Your presence ain’t divine
And everything you touch is getting old

A long, long time ago
Hundreds of people loved to love you
You had countless friends
Who went out all ends
To flatter and praise all that you would do

And now here you are
With more fingers than friends
They left you alone
When you became unknown
And you’re helpless with the way this stands

A long, long time ago
You had everything you could possibly want
Fancy cars
Shooting stars
And everything else that you loved to flaunt

And now here you are
Destroyed savagely by lust and greed
You’ve lost your health
And all of your wealth
But love is all you need

A long, long time ago
They would worship you like a mighty lord
At your feet, they would bow
You blessed them somehow
You used to think you were bigger than God

And now here you are
Stuck to your death-bed with glue
You have nothing but memory
And your glorious history
And may God be with you too

End, Nightmares Do Not

I had a dream
I fell in love
My friend asked me to be wise
“She’s just a devil in disguise.”
But my heart rose above

I had a dream
It was a new start
Nothing else mattered
All the barriers had been shattered
I had lost my heart

I had a dream
Like the one I’ve never had
Beautiful as it was
Every feeling had a cause
Troubled times lay ahead

I had a dream
She turned me against my friend
Swore under the sun
Asked me to choose one
Or she would spell our end

I had a dream
And a brainwash too
Didn’t think twice
Believed all her lies
What was I to do?

I had a dream
I killed my friend
Shot him while he wasn’t looking
Now I have trouble sleeping
For nights on end

I had a dream
More of a nightmare
It was without a doubt
She got the devil in me out
I see his face everywhere

I had a dream
Alone with my past
Safe from man and law
A murder without a flaw
But the curse had been cast

I had a dream
My fortunes took a turn
Lady Luck deserted me
So did she
They left me here to burn

I had a dream
The stage was set
My deeds had been weighed
My death-bed had been made
And they told me not to fret

I had a dream
They offered me a cup
They had a great laugh
As they cut my heart in half
And I never woke up


Old Wine In A New Bottle

You stepped in a different world
Leaving behind the crooks and the worms
They warned you it wasn’t going to be easy
In no uncertain terms

It didn’t start off really well
You kicked off on the wrong note
They mocked your name around initially
They bid for you like a scapegoat

They pricked you and tricked you
And they kicked you really bad
Some even became your friends
Only for all that you had

They never let you breathe easy
They wanted to make you one of their own
They never let you reap the fruits
Of the seeds that you had sown

But you stood firm
And did withstand the storm
While everyone were running for cover
You maintained your form

And then they challenged you
Dared you to step into the ring
People looked on in awe
As you humiliated the king

It was time for celebration
Men from all corners came in to greet
Those who wanted to chop your legs
Were now kneeling at your feet

Women and children rejoiced
Tyranny for once did end
They saw a noble king in you
A companion and a friend

They’re telling tales of your virtues
How wrong could those children be?
No kinder soul had graced the land
But you did change eventually

It’s no mystery really
Nothing corrupts like power
The slightest wind can some day
Blow away the brightest flower

Maybe someday the sun will rise
And you can tell men and pig apart
They’ll continue to pray till then
For a king with a golden heart