There’s A Little Girl Outside

There’s a little girl outside
She’s probably lost
She wants to go home
At any cost
It’s getting darker by the minute
She’s about to cry
She’s calling for her mother
She doesn’t want to die

There’s a wild beast outside
Starving for days
People have been cruel to him
Or so he says
Night is his only loyal friend
Looking for a prey
In daylight, he wears a coat
Of sheepish grey

There’s a God above in the skies
Watching things unfold
All religions have shut their eyes
In layers of gold
Not a single sign of Him
As a devil is reborn
Innocence cries out in vain
And He just watches on

10 thoughts on “There’s A Little Girl Outside

  1. Frank, I think your thoughts are fast and fly by before you catch them. They need to grow, and growth is slow. There is much in your poetry but it runs faster than you. Try an experiment: write a poem with a pen not a keyboard, one gradual letter at a time, a second per letter like calligraphy, thinking of the words and the lines that might come, not the ones you are writing. Don’t try and catch them, be them, be the letters, the words, the lines. Slow it down.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. I always felt I wasn’t doing total justice to my rhymes. But I’m afraid it might continue like this for a while as long as I have to juggle between work and hobby. But thanks for your criticism and your invaluable inputs. Will try to heed to them.

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  2. But, don’t construe god as a silent listener,
    He waits for you to gather strength and deliver;
    There is always a reason for everything that happens,
    Don’t judge him for not acting sometimes,
    Sometimes, he wants you learn for the
    Worse battle to be fought ahead in time!!

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