Old Wine In A New Bottle

You stepped in a different world
Leaving behind the crooks and the worms
They warned you it wasn’t going to be easy
In no uncertain terms

It didn’t start off really well
You kicked off on the wrong note
They mocked your name around initially
They bid for you like a scapegoat

They pricked you and tricked you
And they kicked you really bad
Some even became your friends
Only for all that you had

They never let you breathe easy
They wanted to make you one of their own
They never let you reap the fruits
Of the seeds that you had sown

But you stood firm
And did withstand the storm
While everyone were running for cover
You maintained your form

And then they challenged you
Dared you to step into the ring
People looked on in awe
As you humiliated the king

It was time for celebration
Men from all corners came in to greet
Those who wanted to chop your legs
Were now kneeling at your feet

Women and children rejoiced
Tyranny for once did end
They saw a noble king in you
A companion and a friend

They’re telling tales of your virtues
How wrong could those children be?
No kinder soul had graced the land
But you did change eventually

It’s no mystery really
Nothing corrupts like power
The slightest wind can some day
Blow away the brightest flower

Maybe someday the sun will rise
And you can tell men and pig apart
They’ll continue to pray till then
For a king with a golden heart

13 thoughts on “Old Wine In A New Bottle

  1. Wonderful piece, my dear that is how the world is, they condemn you easily but they will be the first to come to you when things turn around for good. I sincerely love this piece.


  2. “They pricked you and tricked you
    And they kicked you really bad
    Some even became your friends
    Only for all that you had” Very true. Overall I agree with the message. Job well done.


      1. Well in that case I take it back. I don’t mean you’ll be famous in an X Factor type way. I mean you’d make it in a dignified, very talented type way. So if you were asked to write a song for a well known artist, would you really say no?


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