Here He Comes Again

Let it be known far and wide
To all men and women in town
He has finally come to decide
Who’s to go up and who’s to stay down

Put all your little children to sleep
This is not the time for them to bother
Take out all the secrets you keep
With your lawyer and your mother

Hush! Not a word to speak
He longs to taste your breath
Surrender yourself if you’re too meek
For He rides on a horse named Death

The day has turned to night so soon
And the sky is no longer blue
The stars have come out with the moon
To watch all that He can do

The wise men stare in silence
They know that their end is near
The fools fear violence
When it’s the dark that they should fear

The gloomy weather has set the stage
Amidst the pouring rain
You were a fool to invite His rage
For here He comes again

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