Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 1/5

Let me ask you one question. When did you open your eyes?
Just how old were you, when you can tell the difference between truth and lies?
You say you’re too young? I’m not asking you to be sagely wise
You say you’re too old? Can you hear your heart when it cries?

Well, that’s enough about you. Let me tell you my tale
I’ll pour my heart out in words before they crucify me with a nail
For it is words that have saved me from drowning. On them, I’ll have my last sail
Poetry is nothing but prose that rhymes and I’ll use it for my final wail

Where’s my mother? I don’t know. Where’s my father? I don’t care
What good is a brother or a sister when life has been so unfair?
I clutched hard at the few dreams I had but they vanished in thin air
Loneliness and depression have been my loyal companions. They follow me everywhere

There was a girl I knew, more beautiful than God could ever make
Like a fool I loved her, loved her more than she could take
I asked and begged for a second chance but my love she did forsake
Never trusted a girl again enough to let my heart break

I guess that was the turning point. She had dealt me a severe blow
After all the highs she had made me reach, I had fell to the lowest low
I knew it would take time to heal but I never thought it would be so slow
She buried my wings underneath. I’m still digging for them in the ground below

The old demons seemed so pale, now that new demons had been born
Fury had reached new heights, now that the battle lines had been drawn
In a life full of tragedies, this had been the most bitter scorn
What a remarkable book my life can be, but all the pages have been torn

So I sit down to recollect my memories and put them on this page
For all the bitter lessons that life has taught me at so young an age
Take no offence of my fiery words. I’m burning inside with rage
The bird will sing his own song tonight and free himself from this cage

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