I Found Love

I found love
I left it behind. I wanted freedom
I found freedom
I left it behind. I wanted happiness
I found happiness
I left it behind. I wanted bliss
I found bliss
I left it behind. I wanted heaven
I found heaven
I left it behind. I wanted God
I found God. He asked me what I wanted
I asked for love
He pointed in the direction where I came from
I could see a young man in the distance
God said, “He has all the love you need.”
“Can I meet him?”, I asked
“Yes,” replied God. “But you’ve left him far behind.”

37 thoughts on “I Found Love

  1. I like it, the idea that we don’t understand what we have until we let it go. It’s a topic that I’m sure almost anyone has felt within their life time. This is certainly a beautiful poem and thank you for sharing it.

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  2. TRUTH! Well done! I love the way you communicated the human plight of nothing ever satisfies and then giving the answer to our fulfillment as beings made by a God who is desiring to fill us with His peace and joy. I want to thank you for liking my very first ever post. It was one of those happy moments in life.

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