With alluring beauty, you stare down at me
With wicked scars on my face, I can barely put up a fight
Thou not cursed with spots but blessed with thee
And so many lovers’ hearts you fill in the lonely night

There you are, no law could ever bind you
And here I am, in the midst of all kinds of rules
In my state of despair, I cannot hear the flute play true
While money has refused to part company with the fools

I fail to find the light as I look too hard at the closed door
Discomfort is all I know. Everything is else is just unknown
The shattered pieces of my ego lie on the floor
I take solace in knowing that even you don’t have any light of your own

A Death Doesn’t Make A Difference Anymore

A man is dying
No eyes are crying
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

A woman is burning
No heads are turning
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

A child falls asleep
There’s no one to weep
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

Thousands are killed everyday
Toss the newspaper away
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

Johnny took a gun
Shot his friend for fun
He’s all of twenty one
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

Talking about his wife
Johnny took another life
Stabbed her with a knife
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

You were so in pain
Promised it’ll never happen again
But your promises are in vain
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

For then came Michael
And repeated the cycle
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

Now you promise more
I’ve heard it all before
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

You’re just a spectator
I’m just a narrator
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

So mind your own score
Act as you’ve done before
A death doesn’t make a difference anymore

Ray Of Light

I’m standing on top of a mountain
Beyond the reach of the light of sun
I look down and all I see is black
And I see no reason to turn back

Everything is just as I want it to be
So quiet and serene and calm and free
And I know there are folks scared of the dark
Waiting for a little ray of light to spark

Darkness isn’t as dark as it seems
Or demons and spirits, echoes and dreams
No, and I am not afraid of the night
What I really fear is the light

Little Joys

All have gone through it but none cares to warn
Is it something that one must learn the moment that they’re born?
Happiness is as elusive as the dreams that you chase
Follow the path of others and you will never leave behind a trace

Looking at these photographs makes me believe I can smile
I wish I could be careless and free like him once in a while
I wish there was a market where laughter could be bought and sold
Even for a little moment of joy, I’d give away all my gold

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it
But once time has flown past you, it is best to forget it
When I was young, I longed to grow up and be a man
And now that I have aged, I wish to be a child again

May God Be With You – 3

I’ve noticed a change in you
It’s there for all to see
You’re a fool to think I can be deceived
You are just not what you used to be

Is this intentional?
Or have you just gone with the flow?
I didn’t see this coming
Or I would have warned you so

You find these lights charming
And your friends do too
The brighter these lights shine
The faster they blind you

You’re free to choose your own path
I know you can tell white from black
No matter how deep a hole you fall in
Remember, you can always come back

So, go and make your own way, darling
I know you will find all that you want to
I’ll always watch your back
And may God be with you too

The Fire Within

I’ve begun to miss you, I must admit
Darling, don’t you miss me too?
Everyone seems to be talking about it
But not a word I’ve spoken about you

Sometimes I wish I was dead
Without you, life is incomplete
They don’t know the secrets we shared
Are buried until the next time we meet

Are you enjoying your trip to heaven above?
It caused me a lot of pain
They say we were never really in love
For I will gladly burn you alive again

Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 5/5

The night was dark and so were our sins
As we cut and packed them in a case
And plunged it in deep waters
Not a sign of regret on her face
Her cold hand gave me the shivers
But I held on to it tight
Hope was all that was left in my heart
Love had faded away in the night

She assured me everything was going to be alright
With no earnestness in her eyes
What a beautiful face she had!
But her mouth was full of lies
She whispered in my ears that she loved me
And she knew a safe haven where we can stay
The future will be taken care of
Once the past is washed away

She asked me to undress her
As she lay mischievously on the bed
She wanted to get down to business
I, though, had a better idea in my head
I pulled out a rope from neath
You could see she was caught by surprise
All our emotions were about to erupt
Very little was left to disguise

And she laid there bare
Tied to the bed so fast
So meticulously God must have created her
But nothing’s ever built to last
She surrendered herself completely to me
And I had no issue with the deal
Her body was ablaze with passion;
My heart too numb to feel

I had my hands around her neck
And I choked her to death
A strange pleasure it gave me
To see her gasping for breath
The moment was splendid and surreal
I had forgotten all of my pain
Oh, the high I felt at the time
Like the one that never comes back again

I asked her to give me a second chance
I still loved her, I let her know
For a girl with no wits
She has a mountain for an ego
I apologised for my rude behaviour
She, though, isn’t the one to forgive and forget
Not a word she did speak
She must have been quite upset

So I untied her and locked her up in the refrigerator
Before the house began to smell
Just the perfect place for her cold heart
While she made her trip to hell
I asked her if she needed anything
But all my efforts were in vain
It was no use pretending
We would never be on talking terms again

I wanted to be with her night and day
But I had to leave her side
The cops have found the old man’s body
And are reconstructing how he died
With loads of money in my pocket
It wasn’t hard to find a new shelter
I must admit I’ve begun to miss her
It’s been a while since I’ve felt her

They’re printing all sorts of stories in the papers
They’ve even given me a name
All my life I’ve been anonymous
I don’t think I can handle this new found fame
The cops will trace her through the old man
And through her they’ll trace me
They must be on a hot scent right now
I’ve left behind a one too many

But they’re just petty human beings
God has already made his plan
He has built a golden stairway for me
He wants me to go out like a man
Taking your own life isn’t cowardice
It’s the ultimate act of bravery
You can continue with your happy lives
This world just isn’t meant for me

Any minute now, I expect Him to call
And soon I’ll be face to face with Him
They’ll only find a corpse here
With lots of pills but no soul within
They’ll also find this piece of paper
And I wish they’ll print it too
Don’t know why you wanted me hanged
When I’ve done no harm to you

How can you hate me
When you don’t even have a heart?
All the world’s a stage
And I’ve just played my part
I’m not asking for your forgiveness
Nothing can be more degrading
Don’t even dig my grave now
I’ve begun eroding

Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 4/5

I went from place to place
Hoping to find some work
They turned me away each time
I guess they didn’t like my face

Hope was nearly lost
And so was faith and food
Had to survive on bits and pieces
Had to count the costs

Finally landed myself a job in a remote corner of town
Had to carry a blind man to and fro
Felt like a dog, at times, bound by his leash
But the pay didn’t let me down

Had to read him, feed him and the job never seemed to end
But I’ve been taught better than to give up
It didn’t take long for me to figure everything out about the old man
I soon had him in the palm of my hands

Careful as he was, he was helpless without his eyes
He never doubted the purity of my soul
I got away with my petty thieving ways
My work would never fetch me as much money as my lies

But then life isn’t so easy, is it?
And I’m here to testify
Just when you think the road’s getting smooth
You’ll land right at the bottom of the pit

The old man had a daughter, let us just call her May
And I think I’ve mentioned her ere
Just when you think you are using your brain
The heart gets in the way

She saw through my stealthy pettyness
But she never raised a voice
She must have had something in her heart for me
With my charm, it isn’t hard to impress

With her around, it was heavenly bliss
Who could resist the temptations of the heart?
I saw in her a queen
And she saw in me an accomplice

We plotted and schemed against the old man
And nobody would have to know a thing
We planned to live our fairytale lives together
And run away with all that we can

We planned to flee in the dead of the night
While the old man was asleep
Even if he was awake
He would never prove to be much of a fight

But nothing ever goes as planned
And I have a glorious history as proof
While we were on our way out
The old man grabbed me by the hand

She panicked and it was hard to keep her calm
Things weren’t going to be smooth
I could hear her scream, “Kill, kill”
As the old man raised an alarm

Well I guess I must have panicked too
I remember my hands were shaking
When I grabbed a kitchen knife
And stabbed him through and through

He lay there dead on the carpet
Drenched in a pool of blood
Every picture of that night haunts me still
And his face I can never forget

Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 3/5

When I finally opened my eyes
I found myself in an orphanage
Trying to come to grips with life
With others on the same page
Actors and audience on the same stage

They taught me, fed me and cared for me really well
Life seemed so fair
Finally knew what good days look like
Sleeping without a care
Drama was just around the corner though, it had followed me here

I made a friend, whom I wouldn’t like to name
Born in different worlds, but our problems were the same
She warned me, warned me about their game
Next day she’s gone and I don’t know who to blame
The devil had sent the good days right back from where they came

The institution was running a racket
Where little boys and girls were sold
And made to work as slaves for others
And do what they’ve been told
All the characters were new but the script was age old

It did not take a genius to know it all
I stole everything that I could lay my hands on
And I was up and away while others were down
And I fled until I could see the morning sun
With future in my own hands, a new chapter in my life was to be born

I hadn’t a clue what lay ahead
Where do I go next? Where do I go now?
If money makes the world go round
Then I had to find it somehow
Life is surely stranger than fiction and how!

Tried to erase the memories of my past
But my efforts were in vain
I must be so young at the time
But my thoughts were driving me insane
The curtains were closed for now, but will they open again?