May God Be With You 2

A long, long time ago
If I can remember what I’ve been told
Your face would shine
Your presence was divine
And everything you touched turned to gold

And now here you are
Your body is frail, aching and cold
Your face doesn’t shine
Your presence ain’t divine
And everything you touch is getting old

A long, long time ago
Hundreds of people loved to love you
You had countless friends
Who went out all ends
To flatter and praise all that you would do

And now here you are
With more fingers than friends
They left you alone
When you became unknown
And you’re helpless with the way this stands

A long, long time ago
You had everything you could possibly want
Fancy cars
Shooting stars
And everything else that you loved to flaunt

And now here you are
Destroyed savagely by lust and greed
You’ve lost your health
And all of your wealth
But love is all you need

A long, long time ago
They would worship you like a mighty lord
At your feet, they would bow
You blessed them somehow
You used to think you were bigger than God

And now here you are
Stuck to your death-bed with glue
You have nothing but memory
And your glorious history
And may God be with you too

10 thoughts on “May God Be With You 2

  1. I don’t know who or what your inspiration for writing this but I wanna say you captured exactly what happens to most people who failed to appreciate and manage everything that they have….until its all gone..

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