Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 4/5

I went from place to place
Hoping to find some work
They turned me away each time
I guess they didn’t like my face

Hope was nearly lost
And so was faith and food
Had to survive on bits and pieces
Had to count the costs

Finally landed myself a job in a remote corner of town
Had to carry a blind man to and fro
Felt like a dog, at times, bound by his leash
But the pay didn’t let me down

Had to read him, feed him and the job never seemed to end
But I’ve been taught better than to give up
It didn’t take long for me to figure everything out about the old man
I soon had him in the palm of my hands

Careful as he was, he was helpless without his eyes
He never doubted the purity of my soul
I got away with my petty thieving ways
My work would never fetch me as much money as my lies

But then life isn’t so easy, is it?
And I’m here to testify
Just when you think the road’s getting smooth
You’ll land right at the bottom of the pit

The old man had a daughter, let us just call her May
And I think I’ve mentioned her ere
Just when you think you are using your brain
The heart gets in the way

She saw through my stealthy pettyness
But she never raised a voice
She must have had something in her heart for me
With my charm, it isn’t hard to impress

With her around, it was heavenly bliss
Who could resist the temptations of the heart?
I saw in her a queen
And she saw in me an accomplice

We plotted and schemed against the old man
And nobody would have to know a thing
We planned to live our fairytale lives together
And run away with all that we can

We planned to flee in the dead of the night
While the old man was asleep
Even if he was awake
He would never prove to be much of a fight

But nothing ever goes as planned
And I have a glorious history as proof
While we were on our way out
The old man grabbed me by the hand

She panicked and it was hard to keep her calm
Things weren’t going to be smooth
I could hear her scream, “Kill, kill”
As the old man raised an alarm

Well I guess I must have panicked too
I remember my hands were shaking
When I grabbed a kitchen knife
And stabbed him through and through

He lay there dead on the carpet
Drenched in a pool of blood
Every picture of that night haunts me still
And his face I can never forget

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