Little Joys

All have gone through it but none cares to warn
Is it something that one must learn the moment that they’re born?
Happiness is as elusive as the dreams that you chase
Follow the path of others and you will never leave behind a trace

Looking at these photographs makes me believe I can smile
I wish I could be careless and free like him once in a while
I wish there was a market where laughter could be bought and sold
Even for a little moment of joy, I’d give away all my gold

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it
But once time has flown past you, it is best to forget it
When I was young, I longed to grow up and be a man
And now that I have aged, I wish to be a child again

9 thoughts on “Little Joys

  1. one always thinks of one’s good old past
    but so much of it depends on the present …
    for present becomes the past
    a past to be shared and looked back in the winter years of life….

    I felt like I was reading a old poetry of ancient times …this one is very beautifully written

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