Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 3/5

When I finally opened my eyes
I found myself in an orphanage
Trying to come to grips with life
With others on the same page
Actors and audience on the same stage

They taught me, fed me and cared for me really well
Life seemed so fair
Finally knew what good days look like
Sleeping without a care
Drama was just around the corner though, it had followed me here

I made a friend, whom I wouldn’t like to name
Born in different worlds, but our problems were the same
She warned me, warned me about their game
Next day she’s gone and I don’t know who to blame
The devil had sent the good days right back from where they came

The institution was running a racket
Where little boys and girls were sold
And made to work as slaves for others
And do what they’ve been told
All the characters were new but the script was age old

It did not take a genius to know it all
I stole everything that I could lay my hands on
And I was up and away while others were down
And I fled until I could see the morning sun
With future in my own hands, a new chapter in my life was to be born

I hadn’t a clue what lay ahead
Where do I go next? Where do I go now?
If money makes the world go round
Then I had to find it somehow
Life is surely stranger than fiction and how!

Tried to erase the memories of my past
But my efforts were in vain
I must be so young at the time
But my thoughts were driving me insane
The curtains were closed for now, but will they open again?

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