An Angel Fell From The Sky #13/13

Right in the center of the village

Reaching up to the skies above

With rungs made of hearts and prayers

Stood the ladder of love

Waved goodbye to the village folks

The angel, then, looked up at the sky

Like a sign, a light shone down

A tear dropped from her eye

Her mind was full of joyful thoughts

She couldn’t hold back the smile

The climbing had just begun

Heaven was still a while

Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Jones

Little Jack and his mother, Joe and Coleen

The entire village would miss the angel

For the journey it had been

The light shone brighter as the angel got closer

To the place that she calls home

Where her friends, lay in waiting

Seven fairies and a gnome

When she reached the sacred place

Her wings grew right back

She didn’t need to climb any ladder anymore

Or place her feet on any track

When she reached the sacred place

The first thing that she did see

Was neither the Goddess of Love

Nor her very own family

Neither the garden where the flowers bloomed

Nor the gnome or fairies, seven

The first thing that she did see was

The cursed couple dancing in heaven

As true as hell below and heaven above

There is no greater story than a story of love

As true as the angels sing in the heavens above

There is no greater story than a story of love

An Angel Fell From The Sky #12/13

The angel gathered the village folks ’round

She too had a story to tell

“I once played a trick with destiny

It didn’t go down very well.”

“A lady and her man

A lady and her man together

Through all the obstacles and hurdles

Were to find love in each other

They were to laugh. They were to cry

They were to fight, face pain

They were to smile staring at the sky

They were to separate and then get back again

They were to sing and sleep free

They were to attack, dodge and defend

They were to be blessed with misery

They were to find happiness in the end”

“But nothing of that ever happened

For I rewrote their fate

The cursed couple never met each other

A love story forever lay in wait”

An Angel Fell From The Sky #11/13

Every smile of hers was a blade

Cutting through each and every vein

The more it hurt, the more I would want

To feel the pain again

Oppurtunities slipped through my fingers

I never could quite express

How beautiful her eyes were

How lovely was her dress

She wrote me a letter once

We must be barely ten

She wanted to be friends with me

She found me cute back then

We became friends, talked a little

But it never really got too far

She forgot all about me and my heart

And left us as we are

How I wish that she could see

How I wish that she would know

I still read that letter everyday

It’s right there under my pillow

An Angel Fell From The Sky #10/13

They teach kids in a small school

Though there isn’t a lot of scope

They play their parts as best as they can

And fill the village with hope

They’ve been together since three

Studied, played and grew up together

They’ve shared adventures and tales

Lived through all kinds of weather

When all the teaching is done

He drops her home everyday

She talks about her guy all the time

He listens to everything she has to say

She says she will be married to him

Before the end of next year

He manages to hide his sorrow

And show a face of cheer

In her company, he never understands

The journey of a mile

Her words break his heart each time

But he manages to put up a smile

Her happiness is his happiness

Her pain is his pain

He never told her how much he loves her

He wonders if he’ll love again

An Angel Fell From The Sky #9/13

If everyone knew love’s worth

I’d be the richest man on earth

For she gave me more than I can take

And never led my heart to break

I wish I had done the same in return

When, to show true love, ’twas my turn

But it’s now far too late

To turn back the clock and our fate

Today she sleeps on heaven’s bed

Lives on in my heart and in my head

An Angel Fell From The Sky #8/13

He used to call me names

Throw paper balls at me

Would drop a toad on my desk

And on some days even three

I would help him in his homework

He never would thank me back

Only thing I got in return

Were the silly jokes that he’d crack

He used to dress so shabbily

To school, he was always late

I even told my mother once

“That’s the boy I hate”

That’s how our story went

Until I broke my foot one day

It was somewhere in February

I had to stay in bed till May

He would come and visit me

Dressed appropriate and fine

And joke that he was first to school

While others reached by nine

He would bring all the notes from school

And occasionally flowers and chocolates

My mother even asked me once

“Isn’t that the boy you hate?”

That’s how our story went

He soon became my mate

It’s hard to believe but

He’s the boy I used to hate

18 years and 2 kids later

He is still the same guy to me

Still cracking those silly jokes

But he better not drop any toad on me

Sometimes I get a dreadful thought

How different our story would be

If I hadn’t hurt my foot that day

That day in February

An Angel Fell From The Sky #7/13

In her paradise, she used to fly

The angel who fell from the sky

With other angels she used to play

Where the sky’s blue and the clouds aren’t grey

Left little diamonds on her way

When she used to walk here and there

The trees used to rise so high

For the angel who fell from the sky

All the flowers caught a bloom

The garden filled with spring so soon

The lovebirds used to dance so nigh

Of the angel who fell from the sky

Though beauty came with her stride

It also came at the cost of pride

She wished the veins and every heartbeat

Would fall and bow at her feet

Just like they hailed the Goddess of Love

As if they were bound from above

So she rewrote a happy couple’s tale

Just to see if true love could fail

And the Goddess of Love she did defy

The angel who fell from the sky

A war ensued. She was badly hurt

She lost her charm and her wings were cut

And in the heaven’s darkest night

She was stripped of her light

Her steps no longer turned snow to spring

The angel who lost everything

She was exiled down to earth

To find the truth about love’s birth

And the message of true love she should bring

The angel who lost everything

On her quest to find her wings

The angel who lost everything

In her paradise she used to fly

The angel who fell from the sky

An Angel Fell From The Sky #5/13

Little Jack, barely eight

Goes to school but has no mate

Never is lonely though always alone

For he has learnt to grow up on his own

The angel questioned little Jack

“Why you’re digging like a maniac?

I’ve been watching you for some time

Are you trying to hide some sort of crime?

All the other kids laugh and play

While you come and dig here everyday”

Little Jack laughed in his feeble voice

And answered for his digging choice

“‘Tis a sad incident

Last year Mom met with an accident

She is all that I have got

She lost her eyes on this very spot

I know they’re buried in this land

So I dig a little with my hand

I dig a little everyday

While Mommy thinks I’m out to play

If she knew what I’m up to

A stern warning she’d issue

She’d say, ‘Stop your digging, Jack

My eyes are gone to never come back’

But I want her to see

How beautiful this world seems to me

So I’ll dig and dig until I find

A pair of eyes to cure my mother’s blind”

The angel smiled and looked up at the sky above

For she had found a new meaning of love

Love is innocent, selfless and care

And the ladder was halfway there

An Angel Fell From The Sky #4/13

Coleen had a list

21 qualities she wants in her man

Very particular, she was

Hundreds of boys came and went

Joe was abandoned when born

Was naive, wild and free

Never went to school

But had learned to laugh at every misery

She was promised she’d be happy

He has still kept the vow

He didn’t tick any of the boxes

Happily married for 21 years now